Monday, August 17, 2009

what a weekend

with no suprise or interesting issues.

Friday ended with a sing-your-heart-out session at Kotak Ijau (without Khai. sorry dear. impulse plan). we were home around 3 am in the morning and i quickly dozed off right after the head touch the fluffy pillows and with Mr.P yang busuk di sisi.

saturday starts with our weekend routine. me and the girls having our girly breakfast at non other than OTWC, Cyberjaya. right after that, Min asked me and Um (plus Mila op kos) to accompany her to Mirex which was held at Mines International Convention and Exhibition Centre (click here for info). We collected a bag full with goodies (signage, stress ball, pamphlets etc) from various booths participate. and we left the lovebird to continue their lovemaking chenta session and went home. later that nite, my main activity was reading and reading and reading till i shut my eyes to sleep.

sunday morning, mak already screaming on the top of her lung to wake us up. adik was supposed to be back to Uitm around 7 am cause he had a futsal tournament tapi memandangkan si pemalas itu susah nak bangun akibat berjaga malam, it was quite a task to wake him. as for me, i promised mak to teman her for raya curtain hunt. approximately at 10, we were already at Jalan TAR. we went in and out of the stores and finally found something tasteful enough for our 2009 Aidilfitri curtain. hahaha i managed to buy few shawls and guess what, i got nearly 20 of them! yeay!!!! shawls rawk. hahaha. otw home, headache attacked and i then spent a whole hour sleeping to regain my energy (sebenarnya pening sebab lapar. hahaha). and last nite, i was at KLIA for Khai's departure. balik India lah. huks. kejap je jumpa. and i owe him more than ever. lebih kurang ratus2 kan kiki? nanti aaa orang bank in once i've received the payment ya. and glad to see you around walaupun kojap je. gonna miss you. tak terbayang kalau lu dah kawin nanti. hahahaha.

oklah. that's all for now. i am so not in a mood bekerja. tolong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but am so excited for this coming weekend. boleh? haha


i end this entry with a picture of my girls form Geng! taken last Friday at Chakri Express, Alamanda. glad to have 'em around!



didi said...

mak aku sangat the untrollable one kat jakel hari tu

she spent RM1K yesterday. kalau kau ada @ 'jakel's monster negotiator' mesti boleh dapat dalam RM700 jek.


swit@kon said...


tak bitau. aku balik awal aritu. ingatkan akan terjumpa. tak sempat babe. lain kali aaa eh! hehee

cheche said...

yantie nih jakel's monster negotiator erk.. pergh... bgs3x...