Friday, October 1, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

it's October!
and it is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

last year i participated the pink race, Walk for Pink Campaign hosted by Estee Lauder.
kenapakah tahun ini tiada eh? I wonder...Adakah kerana Annizam dan Dihar dah ke Jepun. Hehehe.

On the race day itself, we were mesmerized with pink all over the place. from the pink t-shirt to the face paint, paper bags, flower etc. And last year KL Tower served their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by lighting up the boring kelabu asap tower with pink lights and pink lasers all along in the month of October.
Pffftttt. i hate the fact that i lost all my picture during the race because of the hard disk problem. :(.

Below are the picture during last year's race courtesy of Tenee and Dihar. It was tagged in my FB Account. T__T. Cerita Walk For Pink 2009, klik sini.

During the race, i met few breast cancer survivors. Sangat tabah. Ada yang dah tiada breast. Ada yang menyedari semasa cancer itu berada di tahap yang tidak bahaya dan macam2 lagi. Ada banyak aktiviti ok. Sadly they discontinue the event this year (agaknyelah. kalau sesapa tahu event ni ada tahun ni let me know k!).

Anyways, here some of breast cancer infos and also self examination steps for all of you out there. Not only for the ladies, but also for the men ok. (link 1), (link 2), (link 3), (link 4), (link 5). Google it for more.

Let's celebrate October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Tingkatkan pengetahuan anda tentang kanser. Early detection mampu merubah banyak perkara.


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