Tuesday, April 29, 2008


10 th[i]ngs that [i]m w[i]sh[i]ng and hop[i]ng and also cross[i]ng my f[i]ngers for :

1. a super hot st[i]lettos

2. a new bottle of perfume

3. a passport

4. a tr[i]p to Bal[i]

5. a t[i]cket to go and see Sex And The C[i]ty The Mov[i]e

6. new nice pa[i]r of jeans

7. a watch

8. new bedroom set (selepas katilku patah)

9. new book

and last but not least......

10. a better me :D

p/s : hey kiki! the cashmere pashmina still a promise....bear in mind, my wish list is not going to end at 10!!!!NEVER :P

latest addiction

hey peeps, my very first entry ya'll hehehehe...
feels good to be back in the blogging world
selepas meninggalkan dunia blogging lepas habis study (it was 3 years ago!!!demn it is a while huh..)
i realized that i do not have to have a reason to start my blog again...(kan kiki kan!!)

anyways, my latest obsession towards tv series is the new Gossip Girl. i've been watching it thru youtube every single day. to date, i watched 13 episodes. :) malas nak download so i just watch it there.thankfully there is 'sundaefetish' yang sangat rajin mengupload every episode hehehehe

that's all for now la....nak sambung keje sket...
chiao bella!!!!