Tuesday, April 29, 2008


10 th[i]ngs that [i]m w[i]sh[i]ng and hop[i]ng and also cross[i]ng my f[i]ngers for :

1. a super hot st[i]lettos

2. a new bottle of perfume

3. a passport

4. a tr[i]p to Bal[i]

5. a t[i]cket to go and see Sex And The C[i]ty The Mov[i]e

6. new nice pa[i]r of jeans

7. a watch

8. new bedroom set (selepas katilku patah)

9. new book

and last but not least......

10. a better me :D

p/s : hey kiki! the cashmere pashmina still a promise....bear in mind, my wish list is not going to end at 10!!!!NEVER :P

1 comment:

Khair Abdullah said...

pashmina kunun... annick goutall lagi.. vera wang.. jimmy choo.. aduhai..