Wednesday, December 26, 2012


salam all.
how's your christmas celebration?
as for me, the long weekend holiday filled with class, test and presentation.
2013 is just around the corner and it means my final exams are here. again.
not fun at all kan?
yesterday, i keep all the books away and went all out watching (alternately) Fox and HBO.
Xmas movies are the best! Happy Xmas to those celebrating it :).

i attended two birthday parties during the weekend and also on Xmas day.
kids birthday parties. being nearly 30s, its all about attending your nephews/nieces birthday party or your friends kids' party. no more adult parties ok. hahaha. but they are all scream FUN.
kids. colourful. balloons. cakes. goodies. games. fun ok!

Zara & Zaim Birthday Party (3 y.o and 2 y.o)
Jungle Gym, BSC

Alya Iz Zara Birthday Party (1 y.o)

adorbs rite?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

20:12 on 20122012

its a good date.
nice date to remember.
nothing to post here. just to remember the moment.


p/s : few more days to spend in the year 2012. how time flies.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

weekend wedding :)

last weekend, my favourite cousin tied the knot.
it was a fun but tiring weekend.
sampai demam la monday tu.
anyways, looking forward for next reception.
oh yeah. on the eve of my first final paper. gulp!

year 2012 - wedding year for us, cousins. 5 of us get married!
and for the closing part, it was Hazry.

again, congrats ya!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6th Anniversary


Alhamdulillah. Today is our 6th Anniversary in the service. I'm glad i've made it this far. May Allah blessed us all for all the years gone and a lot more to come.

To my batchmate, good luck and may success always be with us. InsyaAllah.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my life via instagram

so busy.
i wanna cry.
works. class. assignments. family events. travel. work again.

so, this is my instagram updates for the past 2 months.

1. yogya trip
2. breaking dawn part 2 premier with twilighters malaysia
3. adik's convocation that i missed due to yogya trip
4. poplook contest (that i didnt win, btw)
5. weekend class
6. H&M kids
7. Singapore Trip 2.0
8. Skyfall Movie Date
9. Project Management 101 - Microsoft Project
10. Breakfast Date
11. Singapore USS Trip
12. Philea Resort & Spa
13. Assignments!
14. Conference
15. Premier Talk - Tun M
16. Jovianista


till the next update.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Travel Review : Grand Lexis Hotel, Port Dickson

this was ages ago.
went there for a course.
bukan cuti2 malaysia.
tapi bila dah ada kamera dalam tangan, memang la capture here and there.

my rating for this hotel is 5 stars. for accomodation and services.
for food, its 3.5 stars.

hotel ni ada dua jenis bilik iaitu dengan private pool dan tanpa pool. we were lucky our rooms was upgraded to personal pool. terbaik!!

oklah. enjoy the view from my camera.

Executive Pool Villa :)

public pool, sompoton spa, above the sea villa, recycle area

lobby, stairs, lights


more infos please visit the official website here : Grand Lexis

rindu :)

dah sebulan.
blog ni dibiarkan.
maaf ye.
sebab busy.
bos terbang ke Jepun.
so kita kena tanggung kerja.
membusy la sedikit.
afterall. i'll update now!


Thursday, October 11, 2012


its hubby's 31st birthday today.
the whole day today, i'm so busy and i feel so bad.
i gotta cover for my boss who is on a course in japan for a month.
i abandoned this blog and i got lotsa things to do.
work, assignment, korea, delhi, america, assignment, meeting.
:(. very bad thing about long distance relationship marriage.
but luckily i bought the birthday gift already!
can't wait to see him tomorrow.
dinner, movie, date night.
gotta be awesome.

ok. time to work on that assignment on project management.
till later.

last but not least, to hubby dearie, Happy Birthday. i love you. god bless.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Judika :)

Judika Nalon Abadi Sihotang
dulu saya pernah jatuh hati dengan penyanyi ini.
kiki@khai yang kenalkan.
5 stars untuk suara.
5 stars untuk lagu.
dulu addicted dengan lagu Malaikat (2009).
now he's back with Aku Yang Tersakiti (2011).

enjoy the videos:



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Carta : Bubble Tea

kegilaan bubble tea dah lama.
saya masih ingat zaman sekolah dulu depan panggung wayang midvalley tu orang ramai beli air yang ada biji2 hitam. dulu takut nak mintak kat mak. dah ada duit sendiri baru boleh beli kan? :P
dan addiction makin menjadi2. tapi apabila ia berjaya mempengaruh encik suami untuk menjadi terlalu obses dengan bubble tea, rasa cam semakin best. hahaha.

Apa tu Bubble Tea?
Bubble Tea adalah sejenis minuman teh susu yang diletakkan 'pearl' iaitu bijian bulat tepung ubi (chewy tapioca balls). Kunyah tapioca balls tu memang best! Minuman ini berasal dari Taiwan. 

saya tahu ramai yang berminat dengan bubble tea dan macam2 jenama atau brand bubble yang dah ada kat malaysia skang kan. jom kita tengok satu per satu.

1. Little Taiwan

Jenama ni bubble tea paling awal yang saya cuba. Oulet Alamanda. Everytime gi Alamanda, mesti beli. Sebab masa tu ada kupon 20% diskaun. Hahaha. kesukaan : red pearl milk tea dan hazelnut pearl mik tea. yummsss. skang dah jarang beli kat kedai ni. sebab harga mahal skit dan tak berapa kick dah rasanya. kupon pun dah takde lagi. :P

2. Each A Cup

Ini antara jenama yang paling banyak outlet. Terutama dekat tesco atau carrefour. Tapi bubble yang saya suka hanya milk tea with pearl sahaja. kesukaan : roasted pearl milk tea. jenama ni hanya dibeli sekiranya semasa jalan2 tak jumpa jenama lain. haha.

3. ChaTime (pronounce as cha; time. bukan chat; time)

Ini adalah outlet di mana kalau pegi kat area pavilion panjang sungguh queue. rasa macam nak marah pun ada. hahaha. Chatime ada pelbagai perasa yang diinovasikan (setahu saya la). kesukaan adalah : pearl mik tea, chatime roasted milk tea. this brand is at #3 of my bubble tea chart. for time being.

4. Gong Cha

my ever favourite signature winter melon tea (with bubble) can be found here. terbaik!!! sip the top frothy part, then the tea. after that stir kedua2 dan enjoy!!! food-gasm to max. hahaha. this was the #1 bubble tea for me because of the one and only signature winter melon tea. but as i come to discover come buy, this is the #2. it dropped from the #1 position because of the outlet is quite far from my place. huhu. the nearest is at puchong. T__T

5. come buy

Ultimate QQ

don't judge a bubble tea by its name. my OUR current craze and happens to be their best seller : Ultimate QQ Milk Tea. Milk Tea with combination of pearl and grass jelly. AWESOME!!!!! To date, i already purchased my 15th cup of Ultimate QQ. :) favourite store : shaftbury square outlet. :). this is my #1 bubble tea brand and the drink is the best. love it!! until the next new brand i say? :D

so. all the above are my ultimate favourite bubble tea store.
basically i LOVE the basic milk tea with pearl.
no fruity or other flavours for me.
love the plain one.

so, thats it.
if you guys never tried bubble tea, please do so.
oh. writing this just reminded me my last cup of milk tea was on sunday.
must go tomorrow!!!


wordless wednesday #33

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Typing this entry while waiting for boarding time. At KLIA, departure gate B3.
Yeah. Penang again. Supposed to fly out this morning but due to class, i rescheduled my flight tolate afternoon.

Badan letih. Back and forth.
Tapi nak buat camne. Kerja.
The good thing is i can be with my dear hubby.
Last week was in Penang as well but i was feeling sick the whole 3 days.
Gigi sakit, gusi bengkak.
Takleh makan, headache.

So, insyaAllah ni dah ok sikit, saya nak enjoy nasi kandar.

Ok. They announced the flight is ready.
Till later.
Buhbye KL.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5

it's here.
and i still remember vividly that i told so many people that i'll buy the 5th gen apple phone when it is out. just to make sure it is the best. and look at the picture above. the biggest thing to happen since the first generation iPhone!!! woahhhh.
so, now, lets take a look at the new iPhone 5 features :
  • retina display
  • 80% smaller and thinner from the iphone 4s
  • larger screen resolution 
  • new and smaller charging dock
  • different material at the back to avoid from scratch
  • new upgraded camera - with panorama function!!!! and maps
  • passbook features (i don't think its working in malaysia)

one of the review videos :

so, camne?
we'll see when it hits malaysia.
tak sabar la plak.
pricing wise?
if i'm not mistaken, tak banyak beza.
but kita tunggu dan lihat.


apple also introduce the brand new iPod nano (tagline : completely renanoed) and iPod touch. the new colours are so cute.

 there is no news for iPad. the rumors about iPad mini is still around kan.
so kita tunggu. hehehe.

eikkkk excited plak. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

viral video : why this kolaveri di

another viral song from danush. way before gangnam style okeh. :D
original soundtrack from an indian movie, 3.
listen to it carefully. awesome!!

from the movie

with lyrics

cool kan?

September 11 (29th)

picture credit : google image

happy birthday to me self.
today marks my 29th years of living.
alhamdulillah atas segala yang diberikan olehNya sepanjang 29 tahun menghuni dunia milikNya.
semoga saya terus dikurniakan umur yang panjang, kesihatan yang baik, keberkatan dalam hidup, rezeki yang berpanjangan, hubungan silaturahim keluarga yang utuh dan dilimpahi kasih sayang.
kepada yang tersayang. mak, ayah, adik, suami, huge Ghani and Yunus Clan(s), in-laws, SG Girls, Geng and my other family and friends : thanks for the wishes. it means so much. *tetiba rasa sebak. terharu*. hubby called at 12.02 am last night. saya dah terbaek dalam tidor. tapi sedar dan sempat borak kejap. i miss u dear husband! haha.

p/s : good luck to UPSR candidates. ayiem and aqish.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

cuti-cuti merdeka

hai peeps.
i am currently at my home town.
sepatutnya hanya pergi dan pulang hari yang sama.
last minit plan berubah, saya kena stay kat sini sampai malam ni.
kalau ikutkan nak balik malam ni. tapi takut sorang2 so saya insyaallah akan pulang subuh esok.
kenapa balik kampung?
hehe saja makan angin. :p
taklah. kena bertugas la.
tapi bila plan saat akhir berubah. meraban carik baju kurung.
petang ni baru dapat. so sebentar lagi nak melawat kawasan sampai malam.

amacam cuti merdeka?
semua pun harus gumbira kot? masih beraya. penuh jadual dengan jemputan open house.
saya walaupun pagi merdeka dah tercatuk kat dataran merdeka jam 545 pagi, tapi sabtu dan ahad adalah sesi makan2. nasi kerabu kat sg girls potluck. nasi dagang kat rumah kawan encik suami. haha. sampai tak larat makan lah.

oklah. saya benti setakat ni dulu.
nak siap2 gi kerja.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

pink 31 baskin robbins

3 days Merdeka promo!!!
go get your handpacked pint, quart and gallon now until 31st!

mom got her handpacked quart yesterday. she opted for Jamoca Almond Fudge and i picked Raspberry Cheese Louise. :D

*ice-ice baby*

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-55 Malaysia! I'm proud of you. For that, i'll be on the left/right of the main stage tomorrow (early) morning at Dataran Merdeka!! :)

back to school

yeah. next week dah start class. grrrr.
takde makna holiday lelama okies.
although the official date is 15hb tapi fakulti saya adalah advanced dengan start class 8hb.
tapi yang best sebab exam akan jadi seminggu lebih awal dan kami bercuti awal sedikit berbanding orang lain.
sedar tak sedar, hanya tinggal dua semester lagi. dua semester dah selesai. satu lagi dengan 3 subjek dan final semester nanti dissertation and one subject.
sangat takut dengan dissertation. proposal paper haritu pun macam ala2 lunyai dikerjakan lecturer. nak kena buat amendment pun tak buat2 lagi. 3 chapter. journal tak baca. apa pun tak buat.

plan nak beraya di rumah member weekend hampir tidak akan tercapai untuk next weekends.
kena kemas beg dah.
sekolah dah nak mula.
oh my!! on the brighter side, saya dapat reunite dengan classmate. yeay! rindu mereka!

wish me luck peeps!!

p/s : weekend ni beraya dengan SG Girls! woot.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Makan Review : Churros Royale

semalam keluar mencari piala untuk event. lunch di rathaa banana leaf house, puchong. memang terbaek ayam 65 itu! terliur :P.

lepas lunch nak jalan ke kereta, ternampak ada kedai baru. Churros Royale namanya. mestilah jual churro kan? what is churro?

"churro, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack. Churros are popular in SpainFrance, the PhilippinesPortugalLatin America (including Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands) and theUnited States. There are two types of churros in Spain, one which is thin (and sometimes knotted) and the other which is long and thick (porra). They are both normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or café con leche." ~ Wikipedia

 its a cafe style shop. korang boleh nampak cara diorang sediakan churros. kaedah goreng selepas dikeluarkan dari acuan (yang macam sterring kapal haha).

so, apa yang dibeli? churros biasa with chocolate dipping. ada banyak jenis yang lain boleh di try. semalam macam nak yang ada filling vanila. tapi sebab full dengan nasi daun pisang tu, takleh masuk lah.

taste wise saya puas hati. cuma penggunaan minyak tu. even dia hanya guna sedikit tapi bila part keringkan minyak before serve tu mungkin tak dibuat betul2. macam banyak je minyak lebih2 melekat kat paperbag. i was told outlet yang dekat puchong tu adalah outlet ke-2 tapi berfungsi sebagai HQ. satu lagi outlet Churros Royale ada di Tropicana City Mall. For more info regarding Churros Royale, korang boleh tengok official website and facebook page diorang.

Overall rating? saya bagi 3.5 out of 5 stars. But saya akan pergi lagi untuk rasa yang ada filling plak. Atau pilih dipping lain.

  • No. 28-G, Dataran Puteri 3, Jalan Puteri 1/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
  • Lot LG-19 Tropicana City Mall

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gangnam (Super Kampung) Style

since nak raya haritu asyik dengar pasal gangnam.
sampaikan katy perry pun tweet.
memula macam leks la.
pastu balik melaka haritu, try la search kat youtube.
jumpa ok! siap isyraf boleh menyanyi lagu tu.
oh. tak terkejut. mamat tu penggila korea. umur 8 tahun!
and to date, the hits for the video is 62 million (and counting!)

so, bila dah jumpa video original dari PSY, tau lah bahawa lagu ni dah jadi viral sampai US.
banyak sungguh parody.
lagu ni mengisahkan wanita-wanita dan perempuan-perempuan di sebuah tempat bernama gangnam.
wanita-wanita atau perempuan-perempuan ini pada siang hari adalah lemah lembut dan sopan.
tapi bila menjelang malam, mereka bertukar jadi seksi.
ianya popular sebab cara tarian seolah2 sedang menunggang kuda.
best ok. cuba try!
itu la sedikit sebanyak.
so ada satu video parody tu, tukar nama tempat plak. hong-dae style.

lawak dan ohsem.
masa raya pun ramai sanak saudara yang dah buat video gangnam style raya.
sila search.
kat sini saya share kan video psy ok!

and the best of the best, my favourite dj(s) from flyfm also have their own version.
gangnam (super kampung) style. clap clap for flyfm dj(s). i love you all lah!!!! 
hunny madu rawks!! ahaks.

Salam Aidilfitri 1433H

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Apa khabar korang!!!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.
Saya ada je. Malas nak update blog.
Selepas hampir dua minggu beraya ngan suami, semalam suami balik.
Haha. Mulalah carik pasal kan? Sebab dah lama sangat ada, bila dia nak balik rasa tak best.
So amacam raya korang?
Saya beraya di Penang. Best!
Nanti update gambar banyak2.
Apa yang tak best? Sangkut dalam jammed Penang - Melaka.
bertolak kul 4.30 petang dari Penang. Sampai Melaka kul 1.30 pagi.
dan yang paling tah apa2. masa tu raya ke-4!!!

update later.
nak kemas meja office yang berhabuk ni.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

viral video raya : senandung hari raya untukmu

pecah perut.
sila check out FB Hot fm.
Other version by Fara Fauzana, Faizal & AG.


Pecah perut!

3 jam?

esok balik kampung!
wooo hooooo.
tahun ni seperti yang saya bitau, saya pulang ke kampung suami di Pulau Pinang.
awal2 lagi dah beli tiket.
RM90 ya'll. terbaek!!
pemalas lipas nak drive.
tapi semalam dapat sms and also emel dari AA.

if dah check in, kena ada kat airport 3 hours before departure.
amik kau!
aduhai. lunyai la macik lelama kat sana.
mesti crowded punya.
dah la tak boleh nak makan.
flight jam 6.05pm. insyaAllah sampai around 7.00pm.
Penang berbuka 7.33pm.
Just nice untuk Encik Suami amik dan carik tempat makan.
tapi 3 jam? alahai. :(

* gonna missed tapai for this 5-days trip

Monday, August 13, 2012

a weekend before hari raya

what i did?

as usual, hubs back in town. *kesian sama kanda ku, penat dia every week turun KL*
so, friday evening we brave ourselves to sri gombak form putrajaya. we managed to reached PIL's at 7.10pm. had lite break fast, solat maghrib and we went to Ayam Penyet Ria for iftar with my SG Girls. At the very last minute, Aini cancelled because her daughter need to sleep. And Has wasn't around as she is still in confinement.

on saturday went for a pampering session. erk. nope. i lied. because hot iron touching ur head not considered pampering, kan? huhu. cut my elbow length hair. changed it to kinda like katy perry's layered ombre bob. yeay, i have short hair now! kinda sad looking at the bundle of hair falling from the chair. but its getting thinner everyday and really messy. we had iftar at atuk's. makan nasi arab from rawsha. setap! after that went for a coffee session with hubs' friend from Berlin and i invited haniza to join us. location? starbucks ss15, subang. we settled around 2 in the morning.

the project langsir went kaput on sunday due to the congestion all around kl. kesian mak. she needs to find ways how to get the langsir back without having to carry the loads herself. takpe. ayah can help la. hiks. so instead of spending our sunday at Jalan TAR, we went to Alamanda. Mak made nasi lemak for iftar but we went out for a iftar at M's in Kota Damansara. Had a wonderful selection of foods prepared by lovely Pat. Mediteranean Rice, Tomato & Mango Salad, Mustard Chicken, Salmon with Maple Syrup and Quiche. Hah! Amik. sedap kan? Hahaha. After iftar, sent hubs to Sungai Buloh RnR. Back at home around 10ish.

So, few more days till raya. I already packed my baju and asked hubby to take it back to Penang. Will joint him in two days time. Ticket is ready and checked-in was done last week. Gonna missed Melaka raya vibes but trying my best to enjoy Penang environment. Excited!!


Friday, August 10, 2012

iklan aidilfitri 2012 dari BERNAS : tahniah!

awesome sungguh.
semua sudut.
penceritaan, skrip, pelakon dan semua lah.

air mata saya tumpah pagi2 ni. sedey sangat!

"Ya Allah, jadikan aku hambaMu yang sentiasa mensyukuri nikmatMu Ya Allahh"

update raya

amacam preparation raya?
hehe. confirm tengah dok sibuk bayar duit biskut raya, duit langsir, duit kusyen baru. sibuk gantung lampu lip lap semua kan?
tahun ni raya saya tak meriah sangat lah.
maybe sebab takde projek kuih raya macam tahun lepas, tak sibuk carik langsir dengan mak, tak belum lagi merayap gi Jalan TAR, kalut gi balik rumah sendiri dan rumah mertua, tido lepas berbuka, tido lepas sahur. 
sorry mak! keletihan. office plak agak kelam kabut bulan Ramadhan ni. banyak benda tak tercover masa bulan tak puasa disettlekan bulan ni lah.

as tradisi tiap tahun, saya akan belikan maknoriah and abah pakaian. selain mak, ayah and adik. kalau dulu2 beli masa sehari sebelum raya, tapi tahun ni, minggu ke-2 puasa dah settle. al maklumlah, beraya jauh di perantauan tahun ni. oh ha. saya rasa Penang tahun ni. ikut suami. sapa raya Penang, please angkat tangan!! boleh saya singgah dan beraya nanti. 

perasaan nak beraya jauh dari mak, ayah and adik ni tak tergambar rasanya. masa awal2 buat plan ngan suami, rasa ok je. ala, suami kan ada. pastu bila fikir balik takde dah sesi masak memasak ketupat dan rendang di belakang rumah, takde dah sesi baking kek untuk hari raya guna oven olskool, takde dah jeritan manja mak sebelum subuh di pagi raya mengejutkan kitorang untuk mandi sunat and cepat2 siap pakai baju, takde dah hon2 yang kuat depan rumah oleh bapak saudaraku yang sampai, takde dah lauk pauk yang super awesome authentic dari Melaka. yang penting, bukan lagi tangan mak n ayah jadi tangan first untuk saya salam and minta ampun. oh. bila ingat ni, tetiba i nanges woooo. :'(

tapi betul lah. bila dah umur camni, tendency nak belanja beli baju raya dah tak berapa nak ada. bagi kawan yang dah ada baby, saya pasti korang sibuk shopping tuk anak je betul tak? macam saya, lebih pada nak belikan mak and ayah. ayah la lebih sebab mak prefer beli sendiri. haha. dan taste dia tinggi :P. 

duit raya mungkin bertambah sikit lah. kalau dulu, family melaka and batu caves je. tapi skang dah ada family sri gombak and penang. yang mana ada rezeki lebih, insyaAllah. duit dah siap tukar. tapi belum g amik. ala. tahun ni takleh tolong mak masukkan duit dalam sampul. *nanges lagi*

tup tup skang ni ada kurang lebih seminggu je lagi kita nak puasa. saya akan terbang ke pulau mutiara seawal hari khamis. nak puasa berdua ngan suami sementara tunggu nak raya. mungkin juga shopping last minit kat sana kot. sebab tak pernah lagi rasa suasana lain daripada melaka. 

oklah. kita update lagi nanti k. 
malam ni nak berbuka ngan SG Girls. Excitednya!!!! 
Happy :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baking with Swit@kon : Milo Oreo Jelly

oh sudah begitu lama tidak post recipe di sini.
biasalah. student.
gantung kuali. gantung oven. etc. :P
last week sempat la buat jelly.
recipe asal diambil dari Kak Rima, Bisou A Toi.
Jelly dia buat adalah ohsem dan comel.
Saya buat bentuk kotak je. Sebab takde acuan comel.

Milo Oreo Jelly - credit to Bisou A Toi

1 packet / 10g Jelly Powder (Agar-Agar Powder)
750ml Water
160g Sugar
1 can (400g) Evaporated Milk
3/4 cup Milo Powder
1 pack (137g) Oreo Cookies - break into small pieces but keep the sandwich together

1. Place jelly powder and water in a pot & cook until jelly is dissolved.
Add in sugar & cook until sugar is dissolved. Add in milk, stir well & switch off fire once boiled.
2. Separate 2 cups of the mixture into another pot & add in Milo powder.
Stir well until milo is dissolved.
3. Pour 1 cup of the Milo mixture into a square container and let the remaining half warm up on smallest fire. Let it set slightly on surface before pouring another layer. Pour the plain mixture on top. Sprinkle oreo cookies & let is set on the surface. Pour the remaining milo mixture.
4. Let it set completely at room temperature before chiiling it in the fridge.
Serve cold.
a. Do not wait until the layer is completely set before pouring the next layer, or else it will not stick. If this happens, scratch surface with a fork before pouring the next layer.
b. Make sure the mixture is still hot when pouring on the earlier layer so that it will stick well.


gambar di atas adalah first try. tersalah bajet untuk 2nd cup campuran milo tu. terkurang sikit la plak. itu yang jadi titis2 je. haha. 

jelly ni senang nak buat. cuma masa first time agak cuak takut masa nak tunggu every layer tu set elok2 je supaya next layer yang kita tuang elok je melekat. kalau terlalu lembut, campuran next layer akan bercampur dengan the layer before. kalau terlalu keras, bila nak hidang dia takkan melekat. so, memang kena bajet baik punya lah. selain daripada itu, maybe lebih selamat gunakan acuan kecil macam Kak Rima guna tu. Senang nak bajet. Ni pakai tupperware gedabak. hasilnya memang tak cukup campuran milo tu. haha.

rasa? saya tak makan. family yang makan *suami* kata agak manis. maybe sebab oreo punya lapisan putih tu kot. cadangannya maybe korang boleh buang separuh, tinggalkan separuh. supaya tak berapa manis sangat hasilnya. tapi memang sedap. sebab susu dan milo kan?

ok. selamat mencuba.



Monday, August 6, 2012

selepas 6 tahun

 inilah pengakhirannya
*ye, Datuk Lee Chong Wei kalah semalam*
tapi kesedihan lebih melampau adalah disebabkan satu peristiwa yang berlaku pada hari Sabtu yang lalu.

selepas 6 tahun menabur khidmat bakti dan banyak berjasa.
saya lepaskan dia dengan berat hati.
jika tidak kerana keadaan yang uzur dan tidak lagi berupaya memberikan perkhidmatan, akan saya cherish dia sehingga akhir hayat.

sorry baby hijau.
saya terpaksa.
demi keselamatan diri saya dan penumpang.

kamu banyak berjasa.
sedari awal saya mula memulakan perjalanan selepas tamat universiti sehinggalah Sabtu lalu.
banyak sejarah, kenangan pahit manis dah kita tempoh.
dari KL ke Pulau Pinang pertama kali waktu itu untuk menghadiri majlis perkahwinan jiran.
Perjalanan KL - Kemaman untuk tujuan PAC tahun 2008.
dan tak terkira banyaknya kamu berjasa dengan saya membawa keluarga, kawan2 dan beberapa random people di jalanan *trust me, ia berlaku*
setiap kali hari raya, kita akan balik melaka.
dengan overload barang kat boot belakang.
walaupun kamu jadi bahan gelak sentiasa *takde tinted, tayar pakai cover je takde sport rim, calar balar akibat digores orang tak bertanggungjawab, bunyi semput yang berpanjangan etc* saya masih sayang kamu.
berapa banyak kali kita commute. Putrajaya - Sri Gombak. penghubung saya dan suami. hantar suami ke KTMB atau puduraya saban minggu dari zaman bercinta hingga kahwin.
bawa saya mencungap2 naik bukit saban minggu untuk ke kelas.
takpelah orang panggil kamu huduh, buruk.
even dapat gelaran kereta kebal.
tapi saya tetap appreciate kamu.
dua minor accidents dan 3 saman, saya ok je.
cuma bila sakit dah teruk. dah makan duit yang terlalu banyak, saya terpaksa let go.
oh my! sedihnya. super sedih.
kenapa la jual dia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried my very best not to cry when i gave up the keys to ahwat.
i really did not even glance at you when we left the shop.
i hope who ever who is gonna be your owner next, will cherish you the way i did.

i love you baby hijau!
thanks for your service all these years.


Friday, August 3, 2012

FREE Baskin Robbins!!!

kalau Malaysia menang gold medal kat London 2012 Olympics.
Siap2 tunggu depan kedai/outlet BR pada 8 Ogos 2012 jam 8 malam hingga 10 malam untuk redeem.

what say you?

*berdoa badminton (LCW/beregu) atau pecut/kierin oleh thepocketrocketman dapat gold medal!*

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cerita Ramadhan

sejak dulu, sampai sekarang macam2 drama atau rancangan tv akan ditayangkan.
ada setengah tu dibuat khas untuk bulan Ramadhan.

kalau ada antara korang yang sebaya sama ngan saya, mesti tau beberapa drama dan rancangan tv glamer zaman dulu masa bulan puasa.
itu lah rancangan yang kita tengok sementara nak tunggu berbuka.

jom tengok!

1. Rumah Kedai

- ini antara favourite drama. cerita berkisar di sekitar rumah kedai. best! harun salim bachik mula dikenali melalui drama ni. dengan sudiro. hoho. kenangan ok cerita ni!

2. jejak rasul

- ni bermula tahun 1995. nostalgia ok. memang superb production ni. dulu sampai sekarang. banyak yang dipelajari. if ada rezeki nak beli dvd, kumpul. 

3. diari ramadhan rafique

- ni cerita moden. anak mix yang belajar puasa. super best! lebih kurang tahun 2006 ke 2007. tak ingat. tapi memang best. olskool kan? sebab tengok muka rozita che wan pun tau cerita ni cerita lama. hahaha. tapi memang cerita ni best. suka budak bolat rambut kenteng tu. apa nama dia? sarah kot. haha. best!

4. kasih alia

- yang ni cerita last year if tak silap. sambil2 tunggu azan maghrib layan la. haha. oklah kan. suka dengan sheila rusli jadi jahat! :P

5. dejavu di kinabalu

ni drama tahun ni. ahaks. layan gak. senyum2 sengeh2 sensorang. hahaha. tapi minggu ni last. maksudnya hari ni last day. siapa akan kawin ngan nadira? sat g kita tau lah.

oklah. tu je.
tetiba teringat zaman dulu2 masa sekolah rendah. memang main tak ingat dunia kat sekolah. balik penat. mandi petang hirup air sejuk sikit. tak tahan! tapi lepas tu baring atas kusyen, buat2 nak pengsan dan rasa nak mati sebab puasa. hahahaha.
anak2 nanti cemana la kan?