Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5

it's here.
and i still remember vividly that i told so many people that i'll buy the 5th gen apple phone when it is out. just to make sure it is the best. and look at the picture above. the biggest thing to happen since the first generation iPhone!!! woahhhh.
so, now, lets take a look at the new iPhone 5 features :
  • retina display
  • 80% smaller and thinner from the iphone 4s
  • larger screen resolution 
  • new and smaller charging dock
  • different material at the back to avoid from scratch
  • new upgraded camera - with panorama function!!!! and maps
  • passbook features (i don't think its working in malaysia)

one of the review videos :

so, camne?
we'll see when it hits malaysia.
tak sabar la plak.
pricing wise?
if i'm not mistaken, tak banyak beza.
but kita tunggu dan lihat.


apple also introduce the brand new iPod nano (tagline : completely renanoed) and iPod touch. the new colours are so cute.

 there is no news for iPad. the rumors about iPad mini is still around kan.
so kita tunggu. hehehe.

eikkkk excited plak. :)


thesweetlittlecat said...

i also telling people that im going to buy the ip5! hehehee.. and def i will! its time to say goodbye to my beloved bb! :)

My Love.. said...

nak!! ipod dah jadi hak milik farouq...