Thursday, July 30, 2009

bila aku sudah tiada...

often happened the moment you lost something or someone, that will be a trigger point you only then realized, the particular person or thing was the most you treasured (like all the while). it happens to every single normal person.

the lost of a brilliant director/cinematography, Yasmin Ahmad opened up many people eyes and minds every special character of her. surely, Malaysia will remember her and miss her.


hopping to Joe's blog and saw this. It is one of Yasmin Ahmad's commercial that was aired in Singapore. Tears was streaming down my face as i watched it.

p/s: show your love to those around you. do not regret things after it happened and do not blame the time. :'e.

'love you and surely miss you' - faham dan jangan buat2 tak faham! (hikhik tetiba inside joke :P)

* Nota D(o)nut : saya terlalu sibuk sekarang ini. tak terlarat rasanya. wish me luck k!!! saya sempat la bloghop cuma tak dan komen. if sempat saya buat!!!

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