Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend, wedding and best-man

Hey you! Been quite sometimes since the last update eh?

I was away for the whole week to my second favourite place, Penang Island. 3 days 2 nights was spent at Jerejak Rainforest Resort and the other 3 days was spent all around Penang Island.

Had a good time at JRR (updates on the resort later!), and later the awesome time spent followed. This last few days i was at a friend's wedding. It's a Malaysian-French Canadian wedding. Imagine! :D. Super cute barbie-doll-look-alike bride, super duper chill groom and one nervous best-man.

Just left their bollywood-english theme reception that will start anytime soon at Lone Pine to be at the airport to catch my 725pm flight. To my disappointment, the flight is delayed to 930pm.

And here I am with my gadgets, trying my very best to entertain myself while waiting for the flight. I miss my best-man. :(

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Anonymous said...

hello kon kon! ;D