Monday, July 2, 2012

Malaysia's 4th World Heritage Site : Lenggong Valley

tahniah suami!!!!!!
segala penat lelah anda (dan team PPAG) sepanjang dua tahun berbaloi akhirnya dengan annoucement of the latest World Heritage Site : Lenggong Valley.
i'm proud of ya and PPAG team member especially Dr. Mokhtar Saidin and Dato' Prof. Dr. Zuraina Majid.
congrats lagi sekali!!!!

news on Lenggong declaration as World Hertage Site : TheStar1, The Star2, Bernama, SEAArch. Its the 4th World Heritage Site for Malaysia after Kinabalu Park, Gunung Mulu Park, Malacca & George Town, Penang.

Why is Lenggong important? Because (1) one of the oldest pre-historic cultural sequences in the world (1.83 million years ago), (2) the largest number of undisturbed, in-situ site for Palaeolithic site in an area, (3) evidence of meteorite impact 1.83 million years ago - forming 4km crate and create a new type of rock called suevite, (4) evidence of Toba eruption 74,000 years ago. still can find its ash in Lenggong, and (5) Perak Man (he's in Muzium Negara now) was found in this area, the oldest most complete human skeleton in SEA.

ok. enough. i sounded like one of the archaeologist plak. :P haha *excited*

oh, and i just realized that i only posted two pictures of my Lenggong Trip last year. Through Wordless Wednesday! hahaha. so, i've decided to put all pictures from my Lenggong trip, here, now. :P

bekas tapak ekskavasi

that's all!
sila lah ke Lenggong untuk melawat Tapak Warisan Dunia :) dan ikan pekasam!

next trip : must go to Lenggong to celebrate!


didi said...

Alaaa..Cip bagi taklimat kat budak2 sekolah ke?

Mesti chumel.
Nak dengar jugaaaakkkk


suhana azlin said... budak2 tu entah appreciate ke tak, aku dulu time sekolah sgt xde exposure to such things, sayang tau sbb kat sini aku rasa diorg sgt embrace history and bangga lagi tu..

swit@kon said...


tu bukan budak sekolah la. budak kelab sejarah/arkeologi youkayem tak silap aku. nampak macam budak sekolah.

btw, if you feel like going to lenggong the husband wud be delighted to show u guys around. tapi aku doubt kau nak g tempat camni. hahaha

swit@kon said...

suhana azlin,

babe. seperti yang aku btau didi. tu bukan budak sekolah. and looking at where they belong (kelab sejarah etc) i think they appreciate the session. dan aku lebih nampak macam budak sekolah masa tu. haha.

i guess it is a high time utk kita sedar bahawa sejarah itu penting. macam mana british museum simpan banyak sejarah kita. and we shud know our own history. haha. aku addicted dah kot? :P

thesweetlittlecat said...

Ive been there quite sometimes ago for couple of times during my working days at moa... A nice place, daging rusa pun byk.. Ikan pekasam yg sedap.. Tapi jenuh nk g sana... Jauh! Hehehe..

Eny Yusof said...

Bangga I berkampungkan Lenggong. Hehehe.....

swit@kon said...


yerp. agak ke dalam sedikit. but the journey surely worth it. tasik raban restaurant. awesome kot!

swit@kon said...

Eny Yusof,

definitely u shud bangga!

Brian Pks said...

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