Thursday, March 10, 2011

a doctor in the house

holding on to my mentor's memoir. still unwrapped at that time. 
yeah. it's all mine ;)

i got it. yesterday.
for RM100.00.
at kinokuniya.
currently in the 2nd chapter.

at 20th page, my favourite quote is:

"mutual regard good humour, can preserve a marriage"

i know didi practising that method. kan babe?
full of humor. ahahahahaha.

go get your copy today peeps!!!


didi said...


Nanti kita tengok method apa kau akan guna bila kau dah kawen


Nurshafina said...

MPH dah habis. Kene tunggu end of the month ni.. Lamanya!!!

Petite Cherie said...

I got it too!! Tun is such a great writer, yes? ;))

Dalila.Khalid said...

uu update ler blog..dh bnyk kali re-read ur blog ni..then teteiba i rasa cadar blakang tu chantekk :)