Friday, January 28, 2011


yesterday was full of suprises.

1. Royal Airmail
Received a royal airmail from United Kingdom yesterday. No, Prince William and Kate Middleton are not inviting me to their wedding (funny kan? :P). It was from Lin yang jauh di Aberdeen, Scotland sana. Gotta help her regarding few borang and FYI babe, i've settled it this morning. Udah dikirimkan secara ekpress! So, no worries la kot.

2. Get Well Soon
Mak called yesterday while i was with Didi, having our Tutti Frutti in Seri Bangi. She said Icha (Aneesa, my niece) was admitted in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar due to virus infection. She was ok when we got there at 9pm yesterday. With one hand (the other is stuck to the IV) she still can play Cooking Mama and Fruit Ninja on my iPod Touch. :) strong girl indeed. so, get well soon icha!!

sebelum jumpa touchy

 cooking mama in action ;)

3. The End
yes, the grueling weeks of papers, maps, meetings etc is ovah people!!! i'm glad it's finished. finally. i hope everything is in place and those hard works and sleepless nights will be paid off in the future. continue to make your country proud!!! <3

JB Trip is on!!!!!Will be there for 3 days starting today after work. Geng's Wedding. Woot!

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suhana azlin said...

thanks babe! nnt ku beri upah ok, trip ke carboot this week ku xkan melupakanmu hehe...kalau ada yg menarik la kan...

ciannye kene virus...teringat masa mya admitted dulu huhu...get well soon icha!