Thursday, September 15, 2011

under the weather

(picture from google)

been all over the place since weekend.
shah alam - putrajaya - sri gombak - putrajaya - nilai 3 - bangi - putrajaya - bukit kiara - damansara - ampang - putrajaya.

i started my class last saturday. it was tough!
driving from Putrajaya to Shah Alam was ok.
new friends were nice.
i got a whole lot of notes from the lecturer.
i tried my best to read it tho' i only managed to finished 2 articles and a theory notes.
office work is overwhelming.
gotta prepare for Hari Raya Event. buying things for the deco.
i don't even have time to read newspaper dah. huhu.
and one important thing also need to be sort out. oh. bilakah?
the current weather condition doesn't help either.
with the haze since the last two weeks and raining everyday this week.
i got headache easily and my body started to scream 'get yourself some rest!!!'

oh boy. saya sudah mula membebel kembali di ruangan ini.
hahahaha. sorry korang. bebel pagi je kejap eh.

p/s : i am so not looking forward to weekend anymore now. -___-"

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