Monday, February 13, 2012


saturday was working day.
i reached KGPA at around 10am. Event started at 2pm.
ample time for me to get ready.
event ended at 3ish pm. got an appointment after asar.
traffic was horrible. i reached the destination at 4.15pm.
we had awesome dinner at m's (and pat's).
she prepared bruschetta, pasta and carrot cake. yummeh!
the house is super cozy.
in love with the books, wall posters, opera music in the background and tuberose planted in front of the porch.

yesterday was mak's 52nd Birthday.12022012.
mirror number. so nice! supposed to get married on this date!
gave her the presents that she wanted. she chose it by herself.
not one, but two. she smiled all the way.
puas hati!

then i went to see Puteri Aisyah, Aini's daughter.
later in the evening, four of us went to the birthday dinner.
where else? chakri ekspress. :p
kicap was unable to join us because he had a wedding.
but the other son-to-be ada. :)
had my eyes on an aviator sunglasses.
within my budget. but should i get it now?
i just don't know.

weekend ended with a blast.
looking forward for another weekend.


p/s : RIP Whitney Houston. teringat abang ijal.

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My Love.. said...

mirror date aku rasa 21022012 21hb nnti :)

btw..son-to-be @ menantu..ahaksss