Friday, December 6, 2013

my favourite online clothes store

some may love fashionvalet.
some might choose Zalora.
my gf(s) will tell me they fall for
and the list goes on.

more and more online stores nowadays.
maybe we are getting lazy or it's just because of the simple process, easy and no time consuming.
unlike the conventional way of buying clothes (or anything else), shop via online store is super duper easy.
a few clicks away, next day you'll get your stuffs in from of your doorstep.

so today, i love to share few of my favourite. :P
yes, i am an avid online shopper. *hi suami!!!*

1. honey pumpkin - my first ever online purchase is via this blog. now nadia dah ada webpage dedicated for this online store. new updates every Sunday night at 8pm. baju here are all up to date. oh. ada rupanya update berkenaan blog ni dulu2. haha. first buy from pumpkin here.

2. thepoplook - i spent the most at this particular stor. more than 30 purchases since 2011. Hahaha. name it. blouses, dresses, accessories. everything lah. cerita gila poplook kat sini. haha

3. shawlbyvsnow - my tudung supplier! hahaha. i love every colour of their essential scarf. recommended! cerita gila shawl di sini.

ok tu tiga top online shopping. my choice. my list.
what about u guys?
please share!!

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mamamya said...

sudah la ko..mencik aku. tp baru2 ni membe aku blk kl and mak aku ada kirim brg sket, sempat ahkak borong 7 helai shawl utk dia bwk balik. hahahaa...* gelak besar tepuk perut suka hati* (^o^)