Monday, December 2, 2013

The Big Bad Wolf is back!!!

the sale of course!!
i'm excited but to bad this year i don't have the student book vouchers anymore. boo!
its ok.  i'm more than happy to spend at the sale.
yeah. the books from the previous sale(s) still in a good condition (inside the luggage! haha) but i'm waiting to transfer everything to new house in Penang.

so, why wait? apply leave today! haha.
for more info, just go to this page. or follow their twitter/facebook/blog/instagram!

i end this entry with Big Bad Wolf Survival Sheet (for the first timers :p). Please wear comfortable clothes, bring your luggage bag/shopping bag and most important, please be kind to one another ya!

happy shopping!

1 comment:

My Love.. said...

wahhhhhh sudah bermula kembali...

tapi buku lama yang dibeli pn dlm kotak lagi...BAHAHAHA..

eh btw, ko konfim pindah penang?