Friday, March 23, 2012

One Tanamera!

dah lama tak menang contest!
dulu dah menang jeans, perfume bvlgari, simple product and many more.
this week i joint a mini contest/giveaway.
so, i won a Tanamera Spa products!
It's a contest regarding how to go green via Tanamera FB page.
So, i won! Will be going to Central  Market this Sunday to redeem the prize.
I hope there'll be a spa voucher so i can use it for the wedding. *fingers crossed*

Oh btw, you guys also can go to Central Market this Sunday.
It is Tanamera Day. You can get 40% discount for their products and also you can meet Dato' Sheila Majid.
Hehehe.Yang penting i nak g redeem my prize. Haha. No matter what is the prizes. :)

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My Love.. said...

rajinnya masuk contest!!