Thursday, July 15, 2010

you know i'm back when....

this blog is updated. 
been back since yesterday.
i brought along my babies (D5000, netbook & BB) to Sandakan but was too lazy occupied to update my blog. 

anyway. i was at Agnes Keith House & English Tea House & Restaurant on the top of the hill of Sandakan. Also went to Sepilok but unfortunately the orangutans dah tido. Didn't have the time to go to Labuk for Proboscis Monkey watch. Had the cheapest seafood (ala two type je pun) at Ocean King Seafood. Saw the most beautiful evening rainbow. also failed to capture the beautiful scenery of Kampung Air.

aaaa. mahu pegi lagi ke Sandakan.  

later updates. banyak cerita lagi ni. ergh. bila banyak benda, blog terganggu. balik rumah malas update. eh chup. ok dah. bye.


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