Monday, August 13, 2012

a weekend before hari raya

what i did?

as usual, hubs back in town. *kesian sama kanda ku, penat dia every week turun KL*
so, friday evening we brave ourselves to sri gombak form putrajaya. we managed to reached PIL's at 7.10pm. had lite break fast, solat maghrib and we went to Ayam Penyet Ria for iftar with my SG Girls. At the very last minute, Aini cancelled because her daughter need to sleep. And Has wasn't around as she is still in confinement.

on saturday went for a pampering session. erk. nope. i lied. because hot iron touching ur head not considered pampering, kan? huhu. cut my elbow length hair. changed it to kinda like katy perry's layered ombre bob. yeay, i have short hair now! kinda sad looking at the bundle of hair falling from the chair. but its getting thinner everyday and really messy. we had iftar at atuk's. makan nasi arab from rawsha. setap! after that went for a coffee session with hubs' friend from Berlin and i invited haniza to join us. location? starbucks ss15, subang. we settled around 2 in the morning.

the project langsir went kaput on sunday due to the congestion all around kl. kesian mak. she needs to find ways how to get the langsir back without having to carry the loads herself. takpe. ayah can help la. hiks. so instead of spending our sunday at Jalan TAR, we went to Alamanda. Mak made nasi lemak for iftar but we went out for a iftar at M's in Kota Damansara. Had a wonderful selection of foods prepared by lovely Pat. Mediteranean Rice, Tomato & Mango Salad, Mustard Chicken, Salmon with Maple Syrup and Quiche. Hah! Amik. sedap kan? Hahaha. After iftar, sent hubs to Sungai Buloh RnR. Back at home around 10ish.

So, few more days till raya. I already packed my baju and asked hubby to take it back to Penang. Will joint him in two days time. Ticket is ready and checked-in was done last week. Gonna missed Melaka raya vibes but trying my best to enjoy Penang environment. Excited!!



cacah said...

selamat beraya sebagai isteri orang. :P

suhana azlin said...

wah aku yg nervous! good luck! haha ;P

melaka ka penang ka scotland ka sama saja...yg penting suami ada di sisi, kan?