Tuesday, September 21, 2010

to do list

  1. rehearsal Jamuan Hari Raya Jabatan - checked!
  2. emceeing Jamuan Hari Raya - checked!
  3. puasa enam 
  4. ticket to Aloq Staq - checked!
  5. Jakarta trip confirmation
  6. Tun M Musical tixs - checked!
  7. Aloq Staq google-ing must go places - checked. many thanks to Najeeb for the info!!
  8. open house plan
  9. open house(s) to attend
  10. baju to laundry
  11. gambar to send to developed
  12. pressie for zafwan's baby
  13. duit raya for friend's cucus
  14. duit raya for friend's babies
  15. change my bedsheet
  16. google-ing london must buy stuffs
  17. farewell pressie for Lin and my dva, Mya
  18. acuan blueberry cheese tart
  19. amik barang baking di rumah Didi
  20. get all those things from 1-19 done and add more to this list!!!!

*running here and there mode. no wonder i have this love-hate relationship with my job!!!*
*entries coming riight up after this*
*i miss my boo boo*


my-name-is-dk said...

wahh list u..dah mcm fail meja plak i tgk..hihihi

Anonymous said...

Great job emceeing the JPM raya dinner!

swit@kon said...


ahaks! keji kan u. :P

swit@kon said...


thanks. siapakah gerangannya ini?