Thursday, December 2, 2010

ahkon's ultimate favourite things

(pictures are courtesy of various websites - thanks Google Image!)

do you familiar with Oprah's Ultimate Favourite Things? it is a program where Oprah shares her favourite things and giving it away to her audiences. each and every single audience in the studio will receive whatever items that she listed as her ultimate favourite thing. if i'm not mistaken, she did this every year!

so, this year, i've decided to list down my ultimate favourite things for 2010..but not for giving it away. i wish i could do the same thing. But i'm a poor single girl to compared to Oprah who is super duper rich! Takpelah. One day!!! Hahaha. my ultimate favourite things are my wish list. To my fellow readers, you can buy me one of this things if you wanna impress me. hahaha boleh gitu???

So, lets have a look...

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer - omaigod. now it's only USD299. *gulp* i want, no. i need it!!! tapi dimaklumkan oleh CC yang murah ni sebab watt US dia tak sama dengan watt Malaysia. oh. turn off! Pffffttt. T___T

i'll be a happy baker with this super cute mixer. *_*

2. Starbucks Tumbler - will sumbody get this for me as a gift? new year gift perhaps? Didi, not u. cuz u got me a starbucks mug kan?? *hugs*

3. Aussino 'Sino' Bedsheet Set in slate or choco - i am so gonna buy this next month!!

4. XBox 360 Kinect - go to, watch every single video on xbox 360 kinect and you know why i want this so bad!

5. a nice black leather handbag. i still contemplating whether to splurge on a good high end brand handbag or stick to sumthing that do not come with a hefty price tag such as Nine West, Calvin Klein etc. but i still aim for chanel 2.55 tan flap handbag with silver hardware (there you go, the full name ok!) before i hit the big 3-0. oh. i just done my research regarding my 2010 bag. oh! oh! i want a custom design Longchamp Le Pliage bag

step by step oooh baby, gonna get to you girl..
too bad they do not shipped to Malaysia. the nearest is Singapore. 

6. Katy Perry's Purr Perfume - i don't care how it smells. i just want to have it. Annick Goutal Perfume. Since i was in my 20-ish age and learned that Annick Goutal perfume is eau naturel, i always imagine that this perfume will stand proud among my hantarans (to be). But few years went on, i am still single and no sign of a wedding, i feel that i need this to be as one of my ultimate favourite things to have.

(left) gardenia passion (right) grand amour by Annick Goutal

i want. full stop.

7. Romantic Bali Getaway - bluerrghh. how on earth that i ended up writing this? oh, i know. Bali is one of the most romantic island in the world. so, wth kan? ahahaha. kalau tak Bali, New Zealand, tak pun Paris. *semua pun destinasi tambang murah baru AA. motif??*

...bersambung dalam entry akan datang......

ok. stop sini dulu.
mari share ultimate favourite thing korang sama.


didi said...

Oh, beb. Aku mula2 memang nak bagi kau Starbucks tumbler, tapi design dia boring.
Jadi aku cari tumbler Coffee Bean yang leather pink with stitches tu. Chumel tau. Tapi 3 Coffee Beans later, masih out of stock.


Maka aku hanya dapat bagi mug Starbucks tu, my 2nd choice actually.

Btw, I'm in love with that Aussino 'Sino' range too. Mau!!!

U havent mention the whole damn set of Thomas Sabo charms :)

suhana azlin said...

mcm biasa, aku drooling tengok kitchen aid mixer ink tu aje...yang lain sudah tidak penting lagi hahaha..

swit@kon said...


too bad. kalaulah dapat pink tumbler itu.

swit@kon said...

suhana azlin,

kan kan? cuba bayangkan kalau tercongok mixer tu atas dulang hantaran??? wow! ;p

reena said...

Comelnya Kitchenaid pink tu!