Saturday, December 11, 2010

christmas (songs)

*videos from YouTube*

i listen to christmas song (of every version) so many times in my 27 years of living in this world.
like our Hari Raya songs, there are the evergreen ones, the mainstream ones, every-new-singer-shud-have-a-song-too ones and many more.

i love Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You. very cheerful. initially slow followed by a very gediks song arrangement. ahahaha so me! other than that, i love Jingle Bell Rock - the Mean Girls version (video link).

for 2010, kesukaan saya termasuk kualiti video yang baik.

first (and will be my ultimate favourite) is Oh Santa by Mariah Carey. so gedik, so catchy. chumel. at first i thought the song would be like mellow and ballad, a signature for Miss Carey, but when i the tepok2 tangan and goyang2 by the cheerleader dan dan rasa chenta. hiks.:)

kedua is train - shake up christmas. yang no terkejut ok. me loves train tapi tak sangka diorang ada lagu christmas dan kesanggupan Pat Monahan memakai skarf ijau dengan baju merah. LOL

third one is coldplay's christmas, love, love the video. :)

ok. tu je.
happy weekend people!!

Merry Christmas!!! Ho, Ho, Ho.


reena said...

I paling suka All I Want For Christmas Is You gak tapi bukan Mariah version, Love Actaully punya version. Yg budak pompuan tu nyanyi dalam tu. Comel je.

thesweetlittlecat said...

apa sahaja dr Mariah Carey adalah terbaik dr ladang! :)