Sunday, December 26, 2010


oh. happy nyer.

1. i got my homemade jeruk mangga. thanks to Mak Usu. it has been a week, and i only realized it yesterday. bummer. tak banyak, tapi sedap!! dan habis dalam tempoh tak sampai 24 jam.

sweet, sour, juicy mango pickle

2. i got a new nephew. Zaim Mikhael was born on Christmas Day. yesterday. super duper cute. and i super love the name. Zara Marissa was excited welcoming her brother and refused to sleep all day yesterday. but Mak managed to get her to sleep by lullabying her with zikir. so chomel! and guess what, she holds her bottle just like Mas Idayu holds the microphone when she sings. hahaha. dangdut Zara? :P

si putih. Zaim Mikhael. <3

see the way she holds her bottle? hahahaha
btw, in 3 days time she is 1 y.o. *kisses*

3. went to Pavilion. i got myself few things and finally get my chance to see the magnificent christmas deco there. chanteq!

very super nice

4. Mak made Nasi Lemak today. it was good. so good and i think i'm high (of Nasi Lemak) now. haha

that's all folks.
i'm off.
preparing my butter cake.

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