Wednesday, December 16, 2009

time to speak up!

in this month Cleo December 2009 issue there is one article that attract me so much titled 'Time To Speak Up' regarding friends or bestie or bff who you have to put up with her poor form just because she's a friend.

so, here is the story. well, i do have some circle of friends. and for those read my blog for sure have read whenever i mentioned my SG Girls and my Geng! quite few times in various entries. my SG Girls are my girlfriends. my childhood friends. we went to school together, lived in the same taman for ages (me n 2 of others moved out but 3 of them stayed in Taman Seri Gombak) and sorta shared everything with each other. through thick and thin, through happiness and sorrow.

this is a story about one of my best friend (or so i thought), Miss M. she's was my closest friends, my bekas-bakal-biras-tak-tau-jadi-ke-tak (dulu) and we've been through a lot together. previously, apart from the other five girls, i was a lot closer to her. time goes by and we went through life in school, matrix, uni and now work. Ina lead the way by getting married earlier this year (now pregnant with her first baby) and followed by Zurai's engagement last August (remember the picture that won me the 2nd prize for TiC Bulgari contest?). and her ceremony will be held this coming Friday.

unfortunately to our suprised, my best friend, Miss M will not be able to attend the ceremony. both the nikah on Friday and bersanding on Tuesday. Zurai called me last night and she was shocked when received the news that Miss M is unable to be with us for her big day. Miss M just sms her and promise to bought a HUGE present as her wedding present. and what makes me write this is that this is not the first time she did this kinda thing to us. she keep on cancelling on us on various occasion. such as our get together, lepak session, weekend meet up, iftar, birthdays, wedding and etc. not that i do not care of whatever reason she gave to us but it was always personal matter and she will cancelled it at the very last minutes. sometimes we had to changed initial plan just because she cancelled!

oh, i forgot to mention that Zurai annouced her wedding like a zillion times ago and she already distributed the lace kain for us to wear on her wedding day on our lepak session at Ina's last October. i don't know but maybe this is the time for me to speak up. we had enough! i had enough and i don't want to put up with you anymore (actually i've been kinda ignored her for few months). we do not want to play games anymore. She can continue her life without our interference anymore. we may (i may) invite her for any majlis be it kahwin, birthday or whatsoever but definitely will not put much hope on her anymore. it feels so sad (ignoring the angst) to just think about how could a friend do this to you. takpelah. asalkan dia bahagia.

to Zurai : aku marah jugak dan aku rasa sedih tapi nak buat camne. time of us to speak up dah pun kita buat. bukan tak pernah bitau dia apa kita rasa tapi takpelah. kitorang ada. :D

please don't play games, especially when it comes to your closest looked stupid. we can play games back at ya' but we won't. we're sorry if any of our actions or talks hurt you but we hurt too. we're still friends, whether you like it or not. i hope your are happy. full stop.


mardeque said...

erm.. ya.. you are right..
admit. i always be at Miss M shoe.
cancelling some planned when agreed to join in.
tapi berbeza dgn kes ni. ni kes once in whole life.(insyallah). it differ.
aku rasa based on mood kot.
kalau tetiba takde mood, i dont even care.
sebab kekadang tu perancangan yang dibuat agak memihak kepada diri orang yg plan tu. (cth: oh! kalau bf ko takde bru la nak ajak aku kuar, kalau tak, ko diam jerk ek..berkepit jerk.. ), so aku malas!
tapi tgk jugak.. kalau orang tu rapat dengan aku sesgt, aku selesa, dan rasa best kalau jumpa.tak la jadi macam ni.
erm..aku rasa semua bergantung kot.
tp kalau orang dh ajak byk2 kali, kalau tak pergi rasa tak sedap hati la pulak..

Aida Manap said...

yanti..sgt terkesan to leave a comment about this. It happened to me too...during my engagement, wedding and even when I mescarriage, not even a single email/sms/phone calls i received from her. Sedih kan, when your so called best friend buat macam tu..

But at least you have the others, and cherish them while you can.. :D

thesweetlittlecat said...

it happened to me too on my BigD.. i really really felt that i was the saddest bride on the earth cuz of she wasnt there when i really really need her to come!!!! Tambah lagi, die tak say sorry or call and wished me.. i was upset v her!

munzir fauzi said...

sometimes mungkin kita kena reflek balik kot... mungkin kita sdiri pernah buat kat orang lain benda yang tanpa kita sedari?
i know i have...

aini said...

only 7 person in that circle knows how does it feels..kan beb kan...

but yet..we still have ( kutuk (ni si ina la ni..=P) cherish every moment..together forever smpla tua nnt...yea...

dah jgn sedey sedey....=P

nnt aku ngan azer lg sedey..hahahah

didi said...

erm, kenapa komen aku kat post ni kau tak approve?

bukannya aku mencarut pun?

swit@kon said...

thanks everyone.

like i wrote at the very last part of the entry. she will always be my fren. no matter what. maybe aku sayang dia sebab tu aku nak dia ada pada hari bersejarah kawan kitorang, so aku emo. tapi takpelah. nak buat camne. semua pun ada life.
but thanks anyway for all you responds.

love you all!