Tuesday, October 19, 2010

an apple a day, makes me.....?

yes. another gadget is secured in my hand.
i am no longer an Apple 'virgin'. Because now i am a proud owner of.....


Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation!!!! - with retina display, FaceTime, Apple iOs 4.0 (the most advanced mobile operating system to date!), multitasking capability, HD Video Recorder...and list goes on and on and on..;)

Although it is a little devastating to not have the iPad, but iPod Touch is more than enough for me.
Been using it for almost a week (bought it three days, yup. three days after it is officially available in Malaysia's market!!!!) and it still amazes me. Haha! Like i said. As an Apple Virgin, i am so sexcited with this toy. I managed to khatam all unboxing videos in YouTube and how-to-jailbreak-iOs-4.0 videos. And now, i am one happy Apple iPod Touch user!!! woot!

ok. enough rambling about it. go and buy one for yourself.
this gadget is available in three types of memory capacity which are 8GB for RM 829, 32GB (mine) for RM 1079 and 64GB for RM 1399. So, apa tunggu lagi? Go the the nearest Switch/Epi Centre/Machine and even Harvey Norman to get one for yourself!!!

Happy touchy touchy!!!

p/s : i've created a new poll just for you guys, the gadgets lover. so hit on the buttons ok! thanks for your votes. ;)


thesweetlittlecat said...

*super jealous* :)

Y@nty said...

Congratss! tak mampu la ...:(

Melissa said...

Eeee I envy youuu ! Hee. :p

My Love.. said...

wahh..shoppin gadget lg..

swit@kon said...


takde apa la babe. kau lagi aku jeles. ada H. :)

swit@kon said...


ala. sebab kau dah ada gadget paling bernilai di dunia. suami dan anak. aku belum ada ok.

swit@kon said...


akak ni mengada.
pastu main ikat2 perut.
no. don't envy me. :)

swit@kon said...

My Love..

ehem. ehem.
orang beli. :P

najeeb said...

wow super damn cool!! not to spoil your excitment.. but how much is an ipad actually? to hell with iphone 4 i'm happy with my blackberry.. but i seriously want an ipad!!

swit@kon said...


i dah ada ipad jugak. hahah tetibe belagak. btw. ipad punya price vary la. if u nak yang biasa je, ada Wifi sahaja, murah. 2500 dah dpt kot yang 64GB. tapi kalau yang ada 3g mahal la skit. tapi gaji u besar apa hal sangat kan? g low yat.

btw, i am blackberry lover ok. i tak heran iphone!

najeeb said...

yantie!! biar betul??? you have ipod touch AND ipad??? you kena rasuk hantu apple apa ni haa? hehehe... but since you have both.. can I borrow your ipod touch for 4 days? hahaa.. i punya mcm rosak sikit.. i fly to tehran this sat on Iran Air.. 8 hours on economy class and I heard their in flight entertainment sucks.. pastu nanti kat Tehran I jual ipod touch you kat orang Iran..haha..