Thursday, January 14, 2010

once upon a time

(i) my almond joy;
(ii) my banana that never split (?); and
(iii) the one that stuck with me.

Take Me As I Am
(Wyclef Jean feat. Sharissa)
OST Love Actually

(source : youtube)

Nota D(o)nut : mood haram hari ini. so many things, so little time. macam biasa lah!



Lady said...

banana never split?? Ngeeee~

swit@kon said...

listen to the song. hahaha yup the banana that never split. keji tak?

suhana azlin said...

best beb citer ni...simple but sweet..

aku 1st time tengok kt uk ni lah, ari tu byk giler muvie best time krismas including this one..gile lebam aku nak tgk sume hehe...

paling suka couple hugh grant jd prime minister =)