Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jacob Black is HOT! HOT! HOT!

korang!!!!!!!!! it's really coming. very soon.
sangat tak sabar. i am so not Team Jacob. I am Team Edward (forever!)

Judging at the latest trailer (credits to YouTube) from New Moon, i can see that more Team Edward will have some trouble to stay or changing to Team Jacob. He's (Jacob Black) HUGE ok. with the super cute steamy eyes and thick brows. *drooling!*

and TwiHards, in this trailer, you'll see a glimpes (or more) of Dakota Fanning and the Wolfpacks. aaaa tak sabar. and don't forget the sexy kissing scene between Edward and Bella!

Min, here's a birthday present for you. hahahaha (dan jangan lupa, tiket mesti beli!!!!)

ok. dah. sangat menggila nak tengok New Moon!!!! tak sabar. sabar je lah.

have fun viewing.


nishashburn said...

oh, jacob sangat athletic semasa mudanya (and still is!) he can do black flips effortlessly! sangat kagum, k? org tgk kat E! news a video footage of him masa kecik2 performing martial arts. kewl giler! i'm in team jacob... edward selekeh sket in real life, me no likey =P

ami wafa said...

kurang dah sorang ko nak gaduh berebut si vampire cekci tu.

walaupun in real life dia selekeh, tp dlm muvi he's soo damn sexy hahaha!!!
oppss, terlebih suda... ;P