Friday, August 6, 2010

Travel Review : Sandakan, Sabah

when i first received the memo regarding my Sandakan working trip i was not happy. why? because i thought that i'm going to another interesting place and not Sandakan. i know Sandakan is just a small town (mind you Sandakan is the second LARGEST city after Kota Kinabalu, so not that small huh?). So i was hoping they'll send me to Kota Kinabalu (again!).

but, i do what's best before flying there which is google(ing) Sandakan-must-go-places. Thank God there's the thing called INTERNET. Otherwise i won't know the place at all. So, i stumbled on a website which is developed by the Sabah Tourism Board. The website not only gives out information regarding Sandakan but everything, every place in Sabah that you need to know. Few days before flying off, i'm ready with my research by reading and memorizing few must-go attractions in Sandakan.

took the direct flight to Sandakan from KLIA. the flight was a breeze but i was annoyed by the fact that the person who seat next to me didn't know the no.1 flying rules (for me la kot) which is mind you own space. her elbow, her whole hand,her whole body were constantly in my territory, resulting me squeezing my body to give way for her. and whenever she knocked my hand (accidentally or not), she never say sorry or excuse me.time baca paper jangan cakaplah. akupun bleh baca surat khabar yang dia pegang tu!! erghhh! annoying lah. lebih baik dok sebelah mat/minah salleh yang reti say sorry kalau terlanggar ke apa! had my Nasi Lemak breakfast (was on morning flight) and my favourite pink guava and dozed off the whole 2.45 hours flight.

checked in at Sanbay Hotel, located around 20-30 minutes drive from Sandakan Airport. since my class was scheduled at 7.30am the next day, i got the whole day to discover Sandakan. so, here goes my travel journal of Sandakan!!

First : Agnes Keith House (wikipedia info)

the area reminds me of Bukit Bendera area minus the cold weather. the house was located on the top of the hill facing a beautiful bird's eye view scenery of Sandakan. i saw few groups of foreigners strolling along Jalan Istana to get to the house. just pay RM2.00 to get into the house. photography is not allowed inside the house. why? you go there first then you know. :) now, let the pictures do the talking ya?


Second : English Tea House and Restaurant (official site)

although i am a coffee addict, but i'm also a sucker for tea house. again, this place reminiscing my visit to David's Brown Restaurant and Tea Terraces, Bukit Bendera, Penang. it feels so good to be in this kinda environment. Chillax moment alert! I had my earl grey tea and the other two companion had borneo tea. Please visit this place and try their tea with scones and fresh cream! the place is just a walk away from Agnes Keith House. Oh, they also provide croquet game for those who interested to play.

yours truly feeling agnes keith. :P

Third : Rotary Observation Pavilion

This place also located along Jalan Istana. You can walk from the Tea House or just drive down the hill to go to the pavilion. Here, you'll see the whole breathtaking Sandakan landscape.

Fourth : Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

After the afternoon tea session, we went to Sepilok. I am so excited to see the orangutan. Unfortunately for us, the centre closed at 4.00pm. we were there at 4.30pm. so unlucky!

tak dapat peluk orang utan, signage pun jadi la

Fifth :  Rainforest Discovery Centre

RDC is located 5 minutes drive from Sepilok Orangutan Rehabiliton Centre. Nothing much for us here sebab ticketing counternya dah tutup. hahahaha. so kami jenjalan amik angin sekitar pusat itu sahaja. :) sambil menghirup udara bersih  dan suasana chill bunyi-bunyian burung. Green Rules!!!

my favourite picture

terasa cam kat LA tak? :P

Sixth : Sandakan Crocodile Farm

Closed also at the time we arrived. Pffftfttttttt. ):

Later that we discovered that places in Sandakan or Sabah especially close earlier than Peninsular Malaysia because of the time difference. Must take note next time!!!!

Selepas ke beberapa tempat dan sedih (kerana tutup, boo hoo!), kami kelaparan dan mencari restoran seafood. Selepas berBBM dengan EncheSani, dia suggest untuk makan di Ocean King's Seafood. Gambar makan adalah tidak begitu baik. So, saya tak post di sini. Apapun, semasa sampai di tepi pantai (Ocean King's di tepi pantai ye) saya dapat lihat pelangi petang yang super cantik. terus nyanyi2 pelangi petang. wakakaka.

Ok. tu je lah kot. Hahaha. Cam poyo but whatever. At least i've opened you eyes that Sandakan adalah best also! Enjoy your trip people!! Make sure you do your homework regarding the places you're going so that you won't die from boredom. :P Just google. As simple as that. Ok, till next visit!!! Oh, baru teringat. Local ada bitau saya, kalau ke Sandakan wajib ke Pasar Sim Sim. Saya tak sempat hari tu. huhu. maybe ada next visit lagi ke? And satu lagi tempat yang tak sempat pergi adalah ke Labuk untuk melawat Sabah Proboscis  Monkey Sanctuary. bukan switakon sanctuary ye. :p tapi tempat melihat monyet hidung panjang. wakakaka. ok dah. bye.


p/s: ye, saya tahu. gambar adalah sikit. nanti saya update lagi. gambar tinggal dalam laptop kat rumah. ini adalah entry yang dah berkurun usianya. trip ini telah disempurnakan pada 13 dan 14 Julai yang lepas. hiks. banyak sangat entry tertangguh dalam draf. saya bz! malam ni janji akan ada gambar2 k. Plus my Bangkok Trip. my Bubba Gump session with Didi, kenduri at Atok's, Um's Engagement. Haha. Banyak kan? ok. later!


ami wafa said...

Our Sabah office invited me to give talk kat sandakan. tp bulan puasa n my class will start at 7.30 camtu. ye la sana cerah awal kan. pastu mlm ada majlis buka puasa pulak.

kalau nak jalan2 kene extend my stay kat sana. tp jalan2 bulan puasa ni x berapa gemar. haih!

tgh pikir2 adakah nak accept the invites or anta proxy.

swit@kon said...

ami wafa,

babe. class aku kalau ada kat sana pun memang start kul 7.30. subuh ikut waktu semenanjung tu memang dah biasa dah. *oopsss* hahaha

aku banyak lagi tempat tak sempat nak visit kat sana. g je la. bukan selalu nak adventure di bulan puasa.