Thursday, May 27, 2010


it's 8 am.
i am on my bed.
no, i'm not working today.
i'm publishing this entry using my brand new HP Mini 210.
thanks to Kicap. because of the Unipack that he subscribed to, i got my own netbook.

oh oh. i wanted to write more, but American Idol dah start..
later!!! it's the GRAND FINALE people.
follow me on twitter to read the review live..



i bring out my cute lil lappie to the living room.
while watching AI, tweeting what happened, with my coffee.
what a life.
i'm thinking of going professional on my own (wah! ayat kau.)
no, no. not just yet.
bagi penuh akaun bank dulu ye.

more entry post later sebab dah ada si cute HP Mini.
oh, Cassie James is up.
"every rose has its torns....lalalalala"

girls. don't forget.
malam ni ada Sex And The City 2 Launch story with Marion Counter at 712.

updates : Lee wins AI!!! 

let's get carried away!!!

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