Thursday, June 24, 2010

the day i knew i have a HUSBAND

this happened yesterday.

somebody handed me a very thick envelope. when i opened it, it was a wedding invitation from one of the HOD in JayPeeYam. his son is getting married. i blushed and laughed hysterically as i read through it.

because of this!!! 

(i think) he knew me well enough to know that i am (still) single and available.
we kinda like have a meeting or at least see one another once in two weeks.
me, married with a husband is some funny news.
takkan lah i tak bitau satu JayPeeYam kalau i kahwin, kan?

never happened before ok.
i received tonnes of wedding invitation. i've received "yantie & partner", "yantie & family" or my name alone. but this is definitely new!

whatever pun, i just wanna share this with you guys.
sorry for the lack of entry. since monday i was busy .
with rehearsal & d-day untuk farewell K*P*P*A. and this coming weekend saya ada event dua hari berturut.
alhamdulillah. rezeki bulan ni murah.
saya bayar hutang2 tertunggak dah.

so, oklah. clock is ticking.
later k.
streamyx dah ok kat rumah tu.
rupanya adapter dia rosak lah. hehehe



Lady said...

kihkihkih~ doa tu beb.. ok aa tuh.. tak lama lagi, aku dapat kat yang tertulis nama ko dan suami~

my-name-is-dk said...

hahha ;) lucu gak la tu...ngeee =) die doa kn kot tu...encik bf cik yanti sila la baca...hahah

swit@kon said...


Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. :P

swit@kon said...


ai tergezut u know.

YBhg Enche Sani said...

nak sy menyamar ke? wahahahah

Mursapap said...

Hidup anda penoh dengan events kan!
Meletops anda ni.

swit@kon said...

YBhg Enche Sani,

boleh. mahu?
kang kena pelangkung dengan nolee??? haru...

swit@kon said...


berhenti saja.
bukan event management *macam power sangat*

penat. tapi SYMP ye.