Sunday, November 8, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

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hey boys and girls. since i've stumbled across nuffnang's add at their webpage, i realize that i really have to enter this contest. seriously.


because all i need to do is share what do i like about the Twilight Saga.
do i have to share it? again i mean.
if people are religously read my blog, they know.
ok. i'll explain.
since the first movie, Twilight came out and bam! love at the first sight. and it doesn't stops there and then.
i ran out and bought the whole lot of the Twilight Saga novels.
name it. from New Moon to Eclipse to Breaking Dawn.
and also Midnight Sun (yeah, i read that too!)
i am not only go ga-ga over R-Patz but i really love the books.
Stephenie Meyer instantly became my favourite author.

and i was and still amaze that my craziness over the Twilight Saga went over to my very best TwiHard. Cik Siti Aminah (Min) that is. she loves the Twilight Saga more than me. and sometimes it really scares me. i think if i did win the pass to the screening, i'll give it to her.

for more of why i do like the Twilight Saga, check it out from my previous entry.
all of them are here, here, here, here, here, here.
oh, there's more. click here and here.

and furthermore, the day of the New Moon will hit the theater is on Hari Raya Haji. so i think i better get the ticket so that i can watch it before Min gets back to her kampung in JB. she doesn't want to see it with other people except me *wink.wink*. Plus, i never won anything from Nuffnang. i think i deserve this without having to put up any picture. anymore.

Thanks Nuffnang. I know you will make it happen.

much love!!

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Anonymous said...

oh dah lama tak melawat kat sini..

anyway awak nyer keTWIHARDan sangat mengujakan.. walaupun saya takde sampai minat macam awak, tapi saya suke la ngan cara Stephanie Meyer bercerita.. sebab saya pun ada beli complete box set.. hihi..

p/s: agak² kalau watak Bella tu bagi kat Megan Fox.. best tak?